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Peer-Review Process

Columbia International Publishing (CIP) journals adopt a single-blinded review policy: authors are blind to reviewers but reviewers are not blind to authors.

The peer review process is through our online manuscript submission and peer-review system. When a manuscript is submitted, the online system immediately notifies the editorial office and the Editor-in-Chief (EIC). After passing an initial quality check by the editorial office or the EIC, the manuscript will be assigned to two or more reviewers. A manuscript submitted or coauthored by the EIC will be handled by another editorial team member.

After receiving reviewers’ comments, the EIC or the handling editorial team member makes a decision on the manuscript. Because reviewers sometimes do not agree with each other, the final decision sent to the author may not exactly reflect recommendations by any of the reviewers. The decision after each round of peer review may be one of the following:

(1) Accept without any further changes.
(2) Accept with minor revision. The revised manuscript may or may not be sent to the reviewers for another round of comments.
(3) Decline with resubmission encouraged. Major changes are necessary for resubmission. The revised manuscript will be peer reviewed for another round. Typically, it will be sent to the original reviewers.
(4) Decline without encouraging resubmission. The manuscript is rejected for publication in the CIP journal.

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