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2013 Volume 1, Number 1

An Investigation into Prioritize Customer Satisfaction Indexes by MCDM Techniques from Experts and Customers Viewpoints - 
Case study: Iranian Private Bank (Parsian) 
Download PDF (582k)
Vazife Doost, Mahsa Akbari, and Parvaneh Charsted
Keywords: Customer satisfaction; Service quality; Service feature; Service accessibility; FAHP

Knowledge Exchanges, Organizational Learning and Supply Chains Performance
Download PDF (481k)
Kuo EN Huang, Huan Ming Chuang, and Chu Chun Huang
Keywords: Technology Innovation Ability; Creative Knowledge; Knowledge Exchanges; Organizational Learning; Fast Cycle Time

An Assessment of the Contributing Factors in Debt and Deficit: A Comparative Analysis of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh

Download PDF (1462k)
Khurram Ejaz Chandia and Dr. Attiya Y. Javid
Keywords: Debt; Deficit; Exchange rate changes; Revenue-Expenditure gap; Saving-Investment gap

2013 Volume 1, Number 2

Evaluation of Human Resources in the Specific Environment of Public Sector
Download PDF (760k)
Jolita Vveinhardt and Palmira Papsiene
Keywords: Evaluation of human resources; Public sector 

Growth of Insurance Sector in India – The New Horizons
Download PDF (510k)
N. Santosh Ranganath, and K. Venu Gopal
Keywords: Risk Management, IRDA act, Nationalization, Emerging trends, Entrepreneurship

2014 Volume 2, Number 1

The Extraterritorial Effects of US Legislation FCPA
Download PDF (613k)
Melissa Abrahams, Esq
Keywords: Extraterritorial; US laws; Financial industry

Intercultural Competence and Internationalization: Benefits for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Expanding the Business in Foreign Markets
Download PDF (876k)
Jolita Vveinhard and Jūratė Dabravalskytė
Keywords: Intercultural competence; Internationalization; Small and medium enterprises; Globalization; Foreign markets; International development

The Influence of Knowledge Management on the Competitiveness of Government Organisations
Download PDF (505k)
Mohamed Buheji, Said Al-Hasan, Brychan Thomas, and Denis Melle
Keywords: Knowledge; Management; Government; Organisations; Competitiveness

2016 Volume 3, Number 1

Lithuanian Environmental Protection and Energy Policy on Hydropower
Download PDF (726k)
Jaunius Jatautas
Keywords: Legislation; Directives; Strategic documents; Hydropower; Renewable energy; Obstacles; Assessment; Development

Impact of Electronic Media on Purchasing Decision among Youths with Special Reference to Fairness Cream
Download PDF (649k)
Priyanka Khare and Syed Haider Ali
Keywords: Customer preference; Electronic Media; Purchase Decision; Product brand

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